Is your child struggling with math?

Child struggling with math?

Does your child need help with math?

How We Learn

Understanding how each child learns might help us help our children learn better. Knowing their strengths and weakness will help us to understand how to customize the learners’ methods to help our children learn better. There are 3 ways we all learn, visual auditory and kinesthetic. Most of us are a combination. We usually lean stronger toward one a little more than the other.

Visual learners- Learn best by seeing

They process information by reading, watching demonstrations, looking at pictures and graphs. They also like to use written notes, drawing, shapes, painting, TV and films. Also they can follow written instruction. And they may grow inpatient listening to explanations.

Kinesthetic learners- Learn by touch and doing

They learn best through activities they may have trouble sitting still while studying. They may need to write down their information. Object manipulation. They may benefit from demo learning and teaching others. Using their sense of touch. Using the computer for learning also uses their sense of touch and manipulation of objects and they are doing something while they are sitting.

Auditory learners- Learn by listening

They prefer explanations to reading. They respond to sound rhythms, tones and chants. They recall what they hear. They may prefer to read aloud even when reading alone. When doing math they may prefer to say the problems aloud as they are working. They may like background music when studying or may be distracted by background noise and need a quiet place. They may respond well to oral instruction and repeating instruction. Telling you what they have learned.

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Child struggling with math?