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Adventures in Patell

“Adventures in Patell” is a series written for the young intermediate reader. The series is a collection of stories about a young Beagle hound named Sparkle, who has just moved into town with her family, and a teenage lion named Brion, who has a passion for the town’s history. Although Sparkle and Brion are both very different, they will become great friends. They will learn from each other about discovering life’s everyday mysteries and the mysteries of the town’s founder, Greon Patell.

Each story is intended to instill life lessons and good values in their characters and the reader. The young friends will learn to work together and with others in order to solve the deep mysteries of Patell. Although the town of Patell is fictional, it is based on human history and science, blended with enough fiction to make it interesting for the reader.

This series is written and illustrated by Alisha and Victoria, and edited by our entire family. We are not professional writers or publishers. The development of these stories has brought the whole family together in a grand learning and discovery process, which has taken many twists and turns, just as the story line does in the Patell series.

From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy these stories. We have enjoyed producing them.

Adventures in Patell

A picture from Chapter 1 - The Hounds of Patell


Chapter 1 - The Hounds of Patell

Meet the new family in town, the Hound family! This family has just moved to the town of Patell. Everything is going smoothly, until the father discovers something very strange in the cellar. And after Sparkle hears the intriguing history of the town, she wants to investigate. Follow Sparkle through the twists and turns of the mysterious history of Patell.

A picture from Chapter 2 - Honoring the memory of Patell


Chapter 2 - Honoring the memory of Patell

In this chapter you will follow Brion Lion. Brion and his family have lived in the town all their lives, and Brion has heard all the stories. He is fascinated by the history of the town and especially their founder, Greon Patell. He thinks very highly of Greon, and believes he should rebuild Greon’s old fort to honor his memory. He tries to get his family and friends to help him, but in the process discovers something not even he knew.

A picture from Chapter 3 - The Greatest Treasure in Patell


Chapter 3 - The Greatest Treasure in Patell

In this chapter Brion will finally get started on the fort, and Sparkle is going to try to find the cave. Will she find it? Will Brion complete his fort before dinnertime? Well read the chapter now and find out!

A picture from Chapter 4 - The historic discovery in Patell


Chapter 4 - The historic discovery in Patell

The friendship between Brion and Sparkle is really starting to grow. They both love exploring, learning, and meeting new friends. Brion is very excited and is expecting to find the lost Deon cave of legend. But life is full of distractions and so many adventures. Will they get sidetracked by a new friend? Maybe a new friend holds the key to another mystery in Patell? Maybe their new friends can offer some help. Or maybe they can only offer good advise, come read the story and find out!

A picture from Chapter 5 - The Heroes of Patell


Chapter 5 - The Heroes of Patell

After last night, Patell has some new heroes to add to the list of great and legendary people of Patell. They've got some awards to give out to their new heroes, but is their new find as exciting and legendary as everyone thinks it is, or might it bring some new danger to the town of Patell?

A picture from Chapter 6 - The Haunted Mansion of Patell


Chapter 6 - The Haunted Mansion of Patell

After finding the notes in the cave, the friends need to know if Deon wrote them. But they might need some help. Will they get help? Will things get spooky along the way? Read the chapter and find out!

A picture from Chapter 7 - The Big Secret of Patell


Chapter 7 - The Big Secret of Patell

After the failure with Norbert the two friends are left disappointed and discouraged. And to make it worse Brion has heard some bad news. What are the two friends going to do? What is the town going to do? Is there any hope at all of the Deon notes being deciphered? Find out in this chapter!

A picture from Chapter 8 - The Journals of Deon Patell


Chapter 8 - The Journals of Deon Patell

Nearly two monthes have passed since Ted D. Bear and Bobby Bobcat went in the Deon cave. And things have changed since they have returned. Meanwhile Brion and Sparkle have been trying to decipher the Deon notes, and they are stuck. They are going to need some help to get this one done. Sometimes help can come from the most unlikely of people. Who can help them? Find out this and many other surprises in this exciting chapter!

A picture from Chapter 9 - The Protector of Patell


Chapter 9 - The Protector of Patell

Finally, some of the Deon notes are deciphered, but wait there's more! What happened to Deon in the cave? Are the legends true? Are Tedd and Bobby crazy? Or is there something more in this cave? Something dark and creepy that none of the towns people know about, or do they? Uncover the legends and stories of Deon and the cave in this legendary chapter!

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