Is your child struggling with math?

Child struggling with math?

Does your child need help with math?

At the Lion family’s house, Brion Lion is complaining again to his Dad about how nobody cares about the town’s history anymore. And about how he needs help rebuilding Greon Patell’s fort that was destroyed long ago.


“Dad,” complains Brion, “I need help rebuilding this fort, why can’t you help me?”


“I have already told you Brion,” answers Dad, “I am too busy to help you right now.”

“But Dad,” says Brion, “Don’t you know how important it is to rebuild this fort? We are going to rebuild a part of history! Rebuilding this fort will honor the memory of Greon Patell, the founder and hero of this town and…”


“Yes Brion!” interrupts Dad, “I know how excited you are about rebuilding this fort, but I am just too busy to help you right now. Sorry Brion.”


So Dad walks away to go finish his work. At this point Brion is upset and frustrated, that his Dad won’t help him rebuild Greon Patell’s fort. So Brion decides that since his Dad won’t help, he’s going to go to his Grandparent’s house and ask his Grandpa for assistance. So Brion heads out to his Grandparent’s house, and when he arrives, he knocks on the door.


Grandpa opens the door and says, “Well hello Brion! How are you doing?”


Brion answers, “I’m good! Grandpa, can you help me build a fort?”

“You want to build a fort?” ask Grandpa, “Why would you want to do that?”

“Well, it’s not just any fort,” says Brion, “I’m going to rebuild Greon Patell’s fort. You told me Greon used to keep watch out across the meadows.”


Grandpa stares at Brion for a few seconds, and then says, “Brion, do you know the history of the old fort and Greon’s house out in the meadow?”


“Yes, I know some of it,” replies Brion, “but you can tell me more. I love your history stories.”


“In front of Greon’s house in the meadow was a large rock where Greon would standup and give his speeches to the town’s citizens.” Grandpa says, “Oooh! Did I ever tell the story of how Greon saved the city?”


“Yes, you have,” answers Brion.


“Okay,” says Grandpa, “have I ever told the story where Greon brings glowing lizards to his family?”


“Yes, Grandpa,” sighs Brion, “you’ve told me that story twice.”


“Alright,” replies Grandpa, “have I ever told you that the statue of Greon Patell originally held up a sword in his right hand?”


Brion looks at his Grandpa with a surprised look on his face and then says, “No Grandpa, you have never told me that story before! What happened to the sword?”


Grandpa takes in a deep breath, and grins at Brion. Then he replies, “Well, as the old story is told, Greon liked to study in the library of his new house that he build outside of the old town. As he got older, he spent more and more time in his study. One night his wife went to speak to him and he wasn’t there. She searched the house, but couldn’t find him anywhere. Several years later, Deon, Greon’s only son, designed and built the statue in honor of his Father. The legends say Greon’s actual sword was placed in the statue’s hand. One dark night, shortly after Greon Patell’s statue was finished, bandits came and attacked the city. They burned some of the houses, attacked the citizens and robbed their houses!”


“Oh no!” exclaims Brion, “That’s terrible!”


“Yes Brion,” Grandpa replies, “it was terrible! They even robbed Greon’s son Deon! They broke into Deon’s house, and stole some of Greon’s stuff too!”


Brion sighs, “Poor Deon!”


“Yes, poor Deon,” exclaims Grandpa, “The bandits destroyed nearly half of the city!”


“Yes, I know,” says Brion, “What about the sword?”


“After the bandits attacked the city,” answers Grandpa, “Deon noticed that the bandits had stolen the sword from Greon’s statue.”


“Oh no!” exclaims Brion, “Why would they do that?”


“Well Brion,” answers Grandpa, “nobody really knows why the bandits wanted the sword.”


Brion asks, “What did Deon do about that?”


“Well,” answers Grandpa, “unfortunately poor Deon got very sick and died shortly after the attacks. And nobody ever found the sword. It’s still a mystery where the sword remains today.”


“Wow! I love mysteries!” Brion exclaims, “Hey Grandpa! I have a great idea! What if you helped me find the sword! Wouldn’t that be great?”



“Oh Brion!” says Grandpa, “I don’t think I could do that, I’ve got things to do. Your Grandma has given me some work to do. I think I’m a little too busy for that.”


“Oh! That’s not a problem!” exclaims Brion.


“It’s not?” asks Grandpa.


“No, it’s not a problem at all,” says Brion, “because I know how you can get your work done faster. I can help you. Don’t you want help?”


“Well,” says Grandpa, “it would be nice to have some help.”


“Alright then, I’ll help you,” says Brion, “What should we start on first?”


Grandpa replies, “We should probably start on the garage first.”


So Brion and his Grandpa go to clean the garage. “Alright, Grandpa,” says Brion, “so what should we do first?”


“Okay Brion,” says Grandpa, “you can start sweeping and cleaning out that corner over there.”


Brion grabs a broom and dustpan and starts cleaning. As Brion cleans, he looks over and sees a sack of old tennis shoes, “Grandpa,” asks Brion, “what should I do with this sack of old tennis shoes?”


Grandpa answers, “Oh yes, I’m going to donate those shoes to some needy people, so you can just put those shoes on the shoe shelf for now.”


So Brion puts the shoes on the shelf. When he finishes cleaning out the corner, he sees some rope on the floor. “Grandpa,” says Brion, “where does this rope go?”

“Wrap it up neatly,” replies Grandpa, “and hang it on the hook, over there.”


After that, Brion does some more organizing and sweeping. Then he says, “Okay Grandpa, it looks like we are done here. Grandpa what are you doing?”



“Oh sorry Brion,” says Grandpa, “I think I fell asleep in this old rocking chair. I’m getting tired.”


Just then Grandma comes into the garage. “Oh wow!” exclaims Grandma, “The garage looks great! You boys did a good job. I think you two deserve a rest.”



Grandpa replies, “I know I need a rest, I fell asleep in this old rocking chair.”


“Oh my!” Grandma replies, “You do need a rest. Brion, thank you for helping your Grandpa clean the garage, but now he needs to have a nice long nap.”


“But Grandpa,” says Brion, “I thought you where going to help me build a fort.”


“Oh Brion,” says Grandma, “Your Grandpa is too tired to do that kind of stuff, you don’t want him to get so tired he can’t even walk to his bed do you? I think you should let your Grandpa rest now.”


So Grandpa goes inside to rest. Brion is upset that his Grandpa can’t help him rebuild Greon’s fort. So he goes to town to see if he can find anyone who will help him rebuild Greon’s fort. As Brion heads to town, he can’t stop thinking about how disappointed Greon would be if he saw that his fort was destroyed. When Brion arrives in town, he sees his good friend, Wally.


Brion walks up to him and says, “Hi Wally!”


Wally replies, “Hi Brion!”


Brion asks, “Did you know that Greon Patell used to have a fort out in the meadows?”


“Yes,” answers Wally, “What about the fort?”


Brion replies, “Wouldn’t it be fun to rebuild Greon Patell’s fort? We would be rebuilding a part of history, and honoring the memory of Greon Patell!”


“Brion, are you trying to ask me to help you rebuild Greon Patell’s fort? Sorry, but I can’t help you. My parents asked me to grab a few things at the store, which is why I am in town.”


Wally smiles, and then continues on his way to the store. Brion isn’t going to give up, so he’s going to ask someone else.


Brion sees his Aunt, walks up to her and says, “Hello!”


“Why hello Brion,” replies Brion’s Aunt, “fancy seeing you here in town, this fine afternoon!”


Brion says, “Did you know that Greon Patell had a fort in the meadows?”


“Yes,” replies Brion’s Aunt, “I believe I do recall that Brion.”


Brion says, “Have you ever thought of rebuilding the fort? Wouldn’t that be fun?”


“That sounds really fun,” answers Brion’s Aunt, “ but that would take a long time and a lot of hard work.”


“But Greon did it all by himself,” says Brion.

“Really,” says his Aunt rolling her eyes, “I know you think that Greon was…” His Aunt stops herself then says, “If he could do it maybe you can too! I have some things to do Brion, so when you get that fort built, let me know. I would love to see it.”


Then Brion’s Aunt walks away. Brion is tired of asking for help and getting none, so he decides to just go do it himself.


Brion looks up at Greon Patell’s statue and says, “Don’t worry Greon, I wont let you down, I’ll rebuild your fort!”

Brion heads back home for the night, he plans to get up early and head out to the meadow in the morning to rebuild Greon Patell’s fort.


And so the adventures begin…


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Child struggling with math?