Is your child struggling with math?

Child struggling with math?

Does your child need help with math?

The very next morning Sparkle finishes her breakfast, brushes her teeth, and helps her Mom clean up the kitchen. Outside, the sun is up and the skies are clear blue.

“Mom,” asks Sparkle, “May I go to the old meadow and find that cave I told you about?”

“Of course,” replies Mom as she looks up from reading the morning paper, “but mind your manners and be home for dinner.”

Sparkle starts to turn away when Mom stands up and says, “Oh! Don’t go into any cave! You come home and tell me first!”

“Yes Mother!” replies Sparkle.

Sparkle runs to her room and grabs her safari hat and binoculars.

“I love to go on adventures and search for new and exciting things,” she whispers to herself.

Sparkle steps out of the house and stands for a few moments on the front porch. She listens to the birds as they sing their morning songs.

“Each bird has their own song,” notes Sparkle.

Buzz! Buzz! Sparkle watches a busy bee as she flies from flower to flower. “I wonder where you hide your honey?” thinks Sparkle.

As the bee flies away, Sparkle decides to follow her to the honey tree. The bee flies across the yard over to the flower garden next to the mailbox. Sparkle hides behind the mailbox and watches her closely.

“She only lands on the freshest flowers,” notes Sparkle.

The bee flies down the road and lands on some blooms on a berry bush.

“Mom says the bee helps the bush make the berries,” thinks Sparkle, puzzled.

Then the bee flies further down the road, and lands on an old oak tree on the edge of a meadow. Another bee appears from an opening and flies away as Sparkle’s bee goes into the tree.

“YES! YES! I found it!” howls Sparkle, as she dances around in celebration.

Suddenly Sparkle stops and thinks, “Hey, when does the bee collect its honey, she only went to the flowers?” Sparkle watches as many bees come and go from the old tree, but none of them have any honey. As Sparkle thinks about the bees she suddenly realizes that this old oak tree is on the edge of the meadow where the cave is supposed to be.

“Okay bees! I’ll be back to see where you get your honey later, right now, I have another mystery to solve.” whispers Sparkle.

Sparkle heads out into the meadow to find the cave. “How am I going to find this cave?” thinks Sparkle.

Meanwhile across town, Brion is busy gathering his Father’s tools. “Please remember to bring all those tools back when you’re done!” exclaims Dad.

“Are you sure you don’t have time to help me?” asks Brion.

“No Brion!” sighs Dad, “I don’t have time to help you! Sorry!”

So Brion heads out into the meadow to get started. Brion walks around the meadow for a while trying to decide where to start.

“I think I’ll start over here by Greon’s rock” thinks Brion. “Greon built the town in a day, so I should be able to rebuild the wall before dinnertime.”

Brion finds a small tree and cuts it down. “This will be perfect for the wall,” mumbles Brion. Brion cuts the tree truck into pieces suitable for the fort wall. “Now to jam these logs into the ground and make the fort wall reappear.” thinks Brion.

Suddenly Sparkle hears a strange noise and sees something moving around in the tall grass across the meadow. Sparkle peers through her binoculars, but could only see the tall grass moving around.

Sparkle approaches the tall grassy area.

“This place is like a jungle,” thinks Sparkle.

A large black and yellow spider is making a web in a small bush.

A skinny green snake moves past Sparkle’s feet and startles her. Sparkle lets out a big howl as she jumps back.

“WOW!” howls Sparkle, “What a neat place. I must be on my guard not to step on anything.”

Sparkle bends over and watches a line of ants moving through the grass. Then she hears the strange noise again.

“That came from over there,” thinks Sparkle.

She walks closer to a thick patch of grass. UMMMMPP! POP! “There it is again,” thinks Sparkle, “what is that strange noise? Who is that?” whispers Sparkle, “Someone is over there in the grass,” Sparkle thinks, “Hello!” says Sparkle in a loud voice.

Suddenly she hears a big crashing sound of sticks breaking, then a loud “ROAR”. Sparkle is scared and ducks down to hide.

“What was that noise?” thinks Sparkle.

Then up jumps Brion and says, “Who said that? Who’s there?”

“Oh dear a lion!” says a very frightened Sparkle, “I hope he didn’t see me! I should get out of here!”

Sparkle jumps up and starts to run away but Brion sees her and calls out to her. “Hey, who are you?”

Sparkle turns around to look back and sees the lion standing there looking at her. “He is big! But he looks friendly,” thinks Sparkle, “My name is Sparkle!” She says.

The lion comes toward her with a big wide smile.

“My name is Brion!” says the lion.

“Nice to meet you Sir!” says Sparkle.

“Where did you come from?” asks Brion.

“I am looking for a cave here in the meadow, and heard a strange noise over here, so I investigated!” explains Sparkle.

“Looking for a cave?” laughs Brion.

Sparkle replies, “Well actually, I started following a bee!”

“Why would you follow a bee?” asks Brion as he interrupts Sparkle.

“Well, I was trying to find out where a bee gets its honey,” explains an embarrassed Sparkle.

“Oh! I love honey! My Mom taught me that bees make honey from the nectar of flowers,” explains Brion.

“Oh! That’s why I saw the bees all over the flowers!” howls Sparkle. “Sir, my Mom taught me that a bee helps the berry bush make berries, how do bees do that?” asks Sparkle.

Brion smiles and then explains, “The bee pollinates the flower and then the flower grows into a berry or some other kind of fruit.”

“Wow! How did you get so smart Sir?” asks Sparkle.

Sparkle and Brion both start laughing.

“I’m not usually called ‘Sir,’” laughs Brion.

“I’ve never made a lion laugh before,” says Sparkle.

As they are both laughing Brion lets out a big “ROAR” of delight and Sparkle howls with joy. Then a brief silence comes over them and they look at each other.

“Why did you howl Sparkle?” asks Brion.

“That’s the sound beagle hounds make when we are happy!” explains Sparkle, “May I ask why you roared?”

“Ha! Ha!” laughs Brion, “because I am a lion.”

They both smile wide as they look at each other.

“Sir,” asks Sparkle, “would you like to be my friend?”

“Yes Sparkle!” answers Brion, “I would like to be your friend. Since we are friends, could you please stop calling me Sir?”

“Then what should I call you Sir?” asks Sparkle.

“No! No! Not Sir! Just Brion!” says Brion.

“Okay ‘just Brion!’ Nice to meet you, ‘just Brion!’” says Sparkle.

“Hey, you’re really funny Sparkle!” laughs Brion.

“Hey!” asks Brion, “Why are you wearing a safari hat and binoculars?”

“Because I’m searching for this cave,” explains Sparkle, “and I like to pretend I’m on a safari adventure when I play outside.”

“What are you doing out here Brion?” asks Sparkle.

“Well,” sobs Brion, “I was trying to rebuild the fort wall with sticks and logs, but you scared, uh, startled me and I knocked it over!”

“Oh! I’m sorry!” says Sparkle, “I didn’t mean to startle you! May I help you rebuild your fort wall?”

“That’s a great idea!” roars Brion, “But first can you help me find my builder’s hat?”

So the two friends look around in the tall grass for Brion’s hat. Sparkle puts her nose to the ground and begins to smell around and soon she finds the yellow hardhat.

“Hey!” questions Brion, “How did you do that?”

“Oh, beagle’s sense of smell is really good. I can find stuff using my nose!” explains Sparkle.

Brion stands there for a moment scratching his head, then picks up his hardhat and puts it back on.

“Sparkle you are a very talented friend!”

Brion and Sparkle approach the fort, which at this point, looks more like a pile of sticks and logs. Brion approaches a log; he lifts one end up high and pushes the other end down into the ground, but the log falls back over, UMMMMPP! POP!

“Hey that’s the strange noise I was hearing!” exclaims Sparkle.

“The ground is just too soft to hold up my fort!” exclaims a frustrated Brion as he sits down on the ground. Sparkle looks at her disappointed friend as he sits next to the log.

Then Sparkle has a great idea.

“Hey, last weekend I helped my Dad put up our new mailbox!” says Sparkle.

Brion looks up at Sparkle with a confused look on his face. “That’s really nice, but I don’t need a mailbox for my fort,” cries Brion.

“My Dad dug a hole first, and then put the post down in the ground, and then I put the dirt around the post!” explains Sparkle.

Brion’s face lights up with excitement as he jumps to his feet.

“How will we dig the holes?” asks Brion.

Sparkle removes her hat and binoculars, and exclaims, “Beagles love to dig!”

Brion is amazed at how quickly Sparkle can dig. She digs a long trench. Brion picks up a log and puts one end down in the hole as Sparkle fills dirt in around it.

“This is going to work!” exclaims a proud Brion.

The two friends cheerfully work together building the fort wall. “WOW! I’m really starting to get tired!” pants Brion.

“Oh! Look at the time! I need to get home for dinner!” exclaims Sparkle.

She gathers her hat and binoculars. Brion collects his Dad’s tools and they both begin to walk across the meadow.

“Look! The sun is setting,” says Sparkle, “Oh! What is that dark cloud rising from across the meadow?”

“That’s no cloud Sparkle! Those are bats. And you know what that means? The cave must be over there!” exclaims Brion.

“Brion, can you help me find the cave tomorrow?” asks Sparkle.

“Yes! I love to explore and it is even better when you explore with a friend,” says a joyful Brion.

The friends laugh together.

“Today I had the best adventure, and I found the greatest treasure!” says Sparkle.

“Treasure?” asks Brion. 

Yes sir! …I mean, you bet Brion!” squeals Sparkle.

“What treasure did you find? Show Me!” exclaims Brion. Sparkle points to Brion and grins happily.

“You Brion!” says Sparkle joyfully.

“Me?” asks Brion as he points to himself, “me a treasure? Really!”

“Absolutely!” replies Sparkle, “finding a new friend is the best treasure ever.”

“Then I found a treasure too!” says Brion as he puts his big paw around Sparkle and smiles the grandest smile ever.

“We can go on lots of adventures Brion,” says Sparkle.

“You can be my adventure partner!” shouts Brion.

Brion lets out a big ROAR of excitement, and Sparkle howls with happiness.

“I will gladly be your friend and adventure partner!” exclaims Sparkle.

They both giggle joyfully.

“What a terrific day!” says Brion.

“I just know we will be the best of friends,” says Sparkle.

“We will have the ggrreeaatest adventures!” says Brion.


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