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Child struggling with math?

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The Haunted Mansion of Patell


After exploring Deon’s cave, Wally, Brion, Sparkle and Benjamin make their way across the meadow back to the town archive. Along the way, they see activity around Greon’s rock.

“What are all those people doing by Greon’s rock?” asks Brion.

“You didn’t know?” answers Benjamin, “Well they’re rebuilding Greon’s fort.”

“WOW!” exclaims Brion, “Really, let’s go down and see!”

When they get near Greon’s rock, Brion’s Aunt runs up to Brion.

“Brion! I am so happy to see you! Look at the fort! We built right on to what you and Sparkle started!” exclaims Brion’s Aunt with a big smile. “Isn’t it great? OH! Guess what, we are also rebuilding Greon’s original house! The old fireplace and foundations where still intact!”

“WOW!” says Brion as he looks over at Sparkle, “That is really great! The fort looks really good! Sparkle, I would like you to meet my Aunt, Lea Lion.”

“Hello Sparkle.” says Lea.

“Pleased to meet you Lea!” says Sparkle.

“I remember you from the meeting in the courthouse.” exclaims Lea, “That was incredible that you two found the Deon Cave! So what are you doing out here in the meadow?”

“We just left the Deon Cave,” answers Benjamin, “where we found some notes. We think they’re actually Deon’s notes.”

“Did you read them?” asks Lea with excitement.

“Well,” says Benjamin, “we could not read all of them. Some were burnt and smudged.”

“Hey! Lea could you please come over here.” yells The Mayor, “I need you to help me put on a hinge for the fort door.”

“Well,” says Lea, “I have to get back to work, bye!”

“Bye, nice seeing you Aunt Lea!” says Brion. “Why is everyone from the town now interested in rebuilding the fort? I tried to get people interested before, and no one wanted to help me.”

“Everyone is excited about the great discovery of the Deon Cave.” answers Benjamin, “Both of you are now heroes in Patell. Now let’s get to the archive.”

The four make their way past a creek and through some trees. Across the meadow, Sparkle and Brion see a very old house. Trees and bushes have grown up all around it and it is badly in need of repair.

“That old house looks like a haunted mansion!” says Brion, jokingly.

“It is very old. In fact, it is a part of the original town. It is the only original house left in the meadow,” explains Benjamin.

“That house gives me the creeps!” exclaims Wally.

“I bet there are ghosts all over that place!” whimpers Sparkle.

“For heroes, you guys don’t seem very brave!” laughs Benjamin. “Now let’s keep moving!”

The four arrive back at the city courthouse, and take the stairs down to the basement.

“You three can sit down over there at the tables,” says Benjamin, “ I will get the Deon files.”

Benjamin brings in two large boxes full of journals and papers.

“Wow!” exclaims Brion “Are all of these Deon’s notes?”

“Most of them are from Deon,” exclaims Benjamin, “some are from Greon!”

“From Greon!” shout the friends, “WOW!”

Brion reaches for one of the journals, but Benjamin stops him. “You need to wear these special gloves to keep the journals clean! Here put on these gloves and be careful, these pages are brittle!”

The four put on the protective gloves and Benjamin removes a large stack of journals and places them on the table.

“I can barely contain my excitement!” exclaims Brion.

He opens up a journal and begins to read. His smile melts slowly into a frown. He turns the page. Brion looks up at Benjamin.

“What’s wrong Brion?” laughs Benjamin.

“This makes no sense!” sobs Brion, “I can’t read this!”

“Show me!” squeals Sparkle.

Brion hands the journal over to Sparkle.

“Can I see it too?” asks Wally. Wally leans over and peaks at the journal.

“It looks like a different language!” says Sparkle, “What language is it?

“Sadly, no one knows.” sighs Benjamin, “Now lets see if Deon wrote any of these notes.”

Benjamin picks up a note they found in the Deon Cave then turns and picks up a journal from the table. He examines the two notes for a few minutes.

“Look at the curve in these letters, see they are the same in both notes. It appears Deon did write both of these notes! Now let’s look through some of these burned notes, here is one I can read.” says Benjamin, “I’ll read you three one of the Deon notes we found in the cave,” Benjamin begins reading, ‘“I could not bear the thought of my Father’s sword ever being stolen, so I had a replica made to place on the statue.’ Oh! This means that the marauders didn’t steal the real sword!” shouts Benjamin.

Brion leans back and scratches his head then asks, “What does this mean?”

“The Greon Sword was NOT stolen by the marauders!” exclaims Benjamin, as he dances around.

“So where is it?” asks Wally.

Benjamin stops and looks at the three friends then declares, “Well now, that is a mystery so it seems. Maybe these old notes will give us some clues!”

The four begin to look through the burned notes carefully.

“Look at this!” says Brion, holding up one of Deon’s notes, “It’s a picture of Greon’s statue. ”

“That’s not a picture, that’s a blueprint,” says Benjamin.

“What’s a blueprint?” asks Sparkle.

“It’s a drawing that explains how to build something,” explains Benjamin, “let me see those. This is strange.”

“What’s strange?” asks Wally.

“There appears to be a structure underneath the statue,” explains Benjamin, “I don’t know what it is but it is not the foundation. I will have Mayor Ed Ger Beaver review these and see what he thinks.”

“How can the Mayor help?” asks Sparkle.

“The Mayor’s Father was a great builder in the town of Patell,” explains Brion.

“Yes indeed, the Mayor has read many blueprints,” says Benjamin.

Sparkle looks over at some more notes and recognizes the symbol from her cellar on one of the notes. “Hey! Look at this!” exclaims Sparkle, “This is just like the symbol in my cellar!”

“That is the Seal of Greon,” explains Brion.

“Yeah it’s on a metal wall in my cellar,” says Sparkle.

“What do you mean ‘a metal wall in your cellar?”’ asks Benjamin.

Brion, Wally and Benjamin turn and look at Sparkle with a confused look.

“My Dad was remodeling the cellar and found a metal wall, he could not do anything with it. So we painted it.” Explains Sparkle.

“Sparkle, I think it’s time I visit your house, especially your cellar.” Says Benjamin.

“What about all the unreadable journals?” asks Brion.

“No one has ever been able to read Deon’s journals,” says Benjamin, “We need someone that is able to decipher these notes. Actually there may be someone that can help; Norbert Skunk.”

“I have never heard of Norbert Skunk,” says Brion.

“Well he’s not very popular.” says Benjamin, “A lot of people don’t know about Norbert!”

“Where does Norbert live?” asks Wally.

“Do you remember that old house out in the meadow we saw when we where heading back?” says Benjamin.

“Yeah! I remember that old house.” Says Brion. “It looks haunted. What about it?”

“That’s where Norbert lives.” Says Benjamin.

The two friends look at each other and shout, “OH NO!”

“Wow! I didn’t think anyone lived there!” says Sparkle.

“Maybe you guys should go and meet Norbert and ask if he will help us,” says Benjamin.

“Well okay! I guess. We should probably get going before it gets dark though,” says Brion.

“Can I come too?” asks Wally.

“Of course you can Wally. Lets head out!” says Brion.

“Well I’m going to stay here and look over some more notes.” Says Benjamin.

“Ok.” says Brion.

The three friends head out towards the old town meadow, where Norbert Skunk lives. On their way to Norbert’s house Brion looks up at the sky. “Wow! Look guys it’s already getting dark.”

“And look at those dark clouds rolling in.” says Wally, pointing at the sky.

“I don’t know if we’re going to make it there before it storms.” Says Brion.

The three friends continue their journey to Norbert’s house. Suddenly they hear sticks breaking and a dull thud.

“What was that?” asks Wally.

Wally looks back “Hey Sparkle what are you doing on the ground?

“Are you okay?” asks Brion helping Sparkle up.

“Yeah! I think I just tripped over a rock.” replies Sparkle.

Wally looks down at the rock, “Umm… Guys that’s not a rock, that’s a GRAVESTONE!”

Suddenly there is a bright flash followed by a loud crash of thunder.

“We’re in a graveyard! Lets get out of here!” whimpers Sparkle.

“Hey guys look its Norbert’s house.” Says Wally.

The three friends run towards Norbert’s house. As they’re leaving the graveyard they hear thunder rolling in the distance, as the wind starts whistling. Off in the nearby woods, wolves are heard howling.

Brion starts shivering “I always feel scared when I hear wolves howling at the full moon. Especially when it’s getting dark and about ready to start storming.”

“Why are you scared? There’s no reason to be scared,” says Sparkle, “they’re just calling for their Mom.”

“Oh, really? I never knew that! That makes me feel a lot better!” says Brion smiling.

“We should hurry before this storm gets any worse!” yells Wally.

The three friends continue going toward Norbert’s house. A gust of wind blows, Brion feels a bony hand on his shoulder. “AHHH! SOMETHINGS GOT ME!” yells Brion.

Sparkle falls to the ground laughing.

“You big silly!” laughs Wally, “It’s a tree branch!”

“I’m umm… not really scared I was just joking.” says Brion embarrassed.

Just then the three friends hear a strange voice. “WHO! WHO’S THERE?”

“What was that!” shout the three friends.

“Oh! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you guys. What are you three doing out here?” asks Mr. Owl, “We are about to have a bad storm.”

“Well we are going to Norbert Skunk’s house. We think Norbert can help us decipher the Deon notes from the town archive.” replies Brion.

“Don’t you know its dangerous to be outside when there is lighting?” asks Mr. Owl, “You three didn’t think this adventure through very well!”

Suddenly Sparkle sees a shadowy figure move and disappear near some bushes.

“I just saw a ghost over there!” yells Sparkle.

A loud crash of thunder makes everyone jump up and scream.

“We all need to get to Norbert’s house quickly!” yells Mr. Owl.

Everyone makes a quick dash to Norbert’s house. Out in front of Norbert’s house is an old iron gate.

Brion grabs it, and it lets out a loud ‘EEERRRRRRK’ as he opens it! Wally jumps back, and says, “What are you trying to do wake up all the ghosts?”

“That’s spooky!” shivers Sparkle.

“Come on you guys!” says Brion, “Let’s go talk to Norbert before the storm gets here!”

Everyone runs onto Norbert’s front porch as the rain starts to pour.

“That was a close one.” Says Wally.

Brion knocks on the front door. The sound has a hollow echo to it. The old door is large and the wood is badly cracked.

“No one is home!” says Sparkle.

“Norbert is always home!” says Mr. Owl. “Give him some time to get to the door!”

“A bright flash of lighting jumps across the sky, as a loud ‘CREEEEK’ sound is heard. Norbert’s front door begins to open, as the sound of thunder crashes across the meadow.

“Hello Norbert!” says Mr. Owl, “Can we please come in?”

A thin shadowy figure appears in the dim light of the doorway. In one hand Norbert has a lit candle, in the other hand is his walking cane. The candlelight casts an eerie glow on the old features on Norbert’s face.

“Are you people CRAZY?” screeches Norbert, “It’s storming out here! Are you trying to give me a heart attack? I don’t usually receive company... especially when it’s almost my bedtime!”

“Please Sir!” pleads Sparkle.

Norbert looks over at Sparkle, her smile melts the old hermits heart.

“Well, Okay, but just until the storm passes!” exclaims Norbert.


The group walks in to the large dimly light foyer, the wood floors squeak under their feet. Above there heads is a large chandelier covered in spider webs.

“Thank You!” says Sparkle, “It was really scary out there!”

Wally leans over to Brion and whispers; “It’s not much better in here!”

Mr. Owl speaks up, “Well Norbert may I present to you the new heroes of Patell. This is Brion and Sparkle. Oh, and their friend Wally.”

“Wally Bear?” says Norbert, “Doesn’t your Father crawl around in caves all the time? He’s going to get hurt one of these days doing that! You should stay out of caves, they are dangerous.”

“My Father is a great caver!” snaps Wally.

“Brion are you still trying to rebuild that fort out in the meadow?” says Norbert. “That is such a waste of time! This town needs to move on from all those old legends!”

Brion slowly clears his throat and looks over at Sparkle.

“Sir could you please help us?” asks Sparkle, with a big grin.

“I thought I already had!” says Norbert in a frustrated voice.

“Yes Sir!’ replies Sparkle, “You saved us from the storm! Benjamin Badger told us you might be able to decipher the Deon notes!”

“We found some notes down in the Deon Cave,” says Wally, “We would love to know...”

“Crawling around in a cave just like your Father,” jeers Norbert interrupting Wally, “Those caves will be the death of you and your Father!”

Norbert turns to Sparkle and says, “Deon was crazy! Everyone knows that!” Norbert looks over at Brion, “You cannot make sense out of crazy! Those notes are nonsense! You need to move on! The legends are just foolish tales, made to cover up the fact that Deon went crazy before he died!”

“Please, maybe you could take just one look?” pleads Sparkle.

“My old eyes don’t have much left!” yells Norbert, “Why should I strain them trying to make sense out of some old town legend? This town hasn’t done anything for me!”

“Well it sounds like the storm is over!” says Mr. Owl, “We should be going! Thanks Norbert for your hospitality!”

“Please Mr. Skunk!” pleads Sparkle.

Norbert turns to Sparkle, “You would do well to find friends that don’t drag you out in storms for some crazy legend!” snaps Norbert, “Good evening!”

As the door closes behind them the friends realize how hopeless it will be trying to get Norbert to help.

“That went badly!” says Brion, “Wally I think you upset Norbert!”

“No!” says Mr. Owl, “Norbert has some old resentments against the town! It’s not Wally’s fault!”

“Let’s go home,” says Brion, “I’m feeling tired!”

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