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Child struggling with math?

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The Historic Discovery in Patell

The next day Brion Lion had just finished his morning chores.

Brion goes up to his Mom and asks, “Mom can I go to my friend Sparkle’s house. Sparkle is my new friend I just met. We are planning to find the cave where Deon defeated the marauders.”

“Were does Sparkle live?” Mom asks.

“On the other side of town across the road from the old town meadow.” says Brion.

“You may go. Just come home in time for dinner,” replies Mom, “Where is this cave?”

Brion replies, “Oh, well, no one really knows, but legend says it’s out in the old town meadow.”

“I’ve never heard of a cave in the meadow.” Mom says rolling her eyes.

“Can we just go see if there is a cave?” asks Brion.

“Sure!” replies Mom.

“Thanks Mom!” Brion runs outside. He goes down the sidewalk to the other side of town, and then over to Sparkle’s house. When he arrives he knocks on the door.

Sparkle’s Mom answers the door, “OH! You must be Brion! Please come in! Sparkle has told me so much about you. Sparkle said you are rebuilding the old fort wall, I think that is really nice. SPARKLE! BRION’S HERE!”

“Coming!” howls Sparkle running to the door.

“I’m almost ready to go find the cave!” squeals Sparkle.

“Sparkle, remember to come and tell me before you go into any cave!” says Mom, “Brion since you are older, please make sure you both stay out of trouble! Now where are you planning to go today?”

“The old town meadow is just across the road,” begins Brion, “we saw bats across from Greon’s Rock, so I planned to cut through the woods to the back side of the meadow.”

“You two be careful!” warns Mom.

“I need to get my hat!” squeals Sparkle.

Sparkle grabs her hat and the two friends walk out to the road and down to the woods.

“Wow! What a big woods!” laughs Sparkle nervously, “There is a trail going into the woods! Hey! We could hike this trail!”

They begin by crawling under a big old log that fell across a small creek. Past the log, a little ways into the woods, they hear a noise.

“Hmmm,” says Brion, “what’s that sound?”

“It sounds like water running,” says Sparkle.

They keep walking a little further and the sound grows louder and louder; they look around a big oak tree and they see a large rock with a babbling waterfall.

“Cool!” shout the friends.

“Come on Brion!” says Sparkle, “lets go to that rock and stop for a cool drink of water.”

They make their way down to the creek; they lean their head down and lap up the cool water.

“AAHHH! That hits the spot!” exclaims Brion.

Suddenly the two friends hear a loud, ‘WHO!’

“Did you say something Sparkle?” asks Brion, as he jumps up.


“That wasn’t me!” whispers Sparkle as she ducks down behind Brion’s paw.

They look around and they see a large old owl sitting on a branch in an old tree near the waterfall. The owl leaps from the limb and silently flies away.

“WWOOOWW!” exclaim the two friends as they watch the owl disappear into the treetops.

The two friends continue their hike along the creek.

“Look over there near all those yellow and pink flowers. It’s a Bluebird,” says Brion.

“What’s she doing?” asks Sparkle.

The two slowly sneak over to watch the Bluebird from behind a big Blueberry bush.


The Bluebird flies from the ground and into a small evergreen tree, carrying a branch in its beak. Suddenly the branch falls from the evergreen tree back to the ground. The Bluebird flies down and grabs the branch, and then flies back into the evergreen tree.

Suddenly the branch falls again. The Bluebird lands on the ground near the branch and sits quietly near it.

“Maybe she needs help!” exclaims Brion.

The two step toward the Bluebird and ask, “Can we help you?”

The Bluebird looks up and says, “Mr. Owl said that I would never get my nest built before dark. I’m afraid, He’s right!” sobs the Bluebird.

“We’ll help you!” howls Sparkle excitedly, “I’ll fetch some branches!”

“I’ll lift the branches and hold them for you!” says Brion.

The three friends go into action and within a few minutes the nest is done.

“WWOOOWW!” chirps the Bluebird, “That didn’t take long at all! I worked all morning on this nest by myself, what I needed was some friends to help me!”

Brion and Sparkle each smile.

The Bluebird flies up to the top of the Blueberry bush. She collects some Blueberries, and then brings them down to Brion and Sparkle.

“The berries from the top are the sweetest,” says the Bluebird.

“MMMM, these are really good berries!” says Brion, as he stuffs his mouth full of berries.

Brion and Sparkle walk around the small evergreen tree collecting some yellow and pink flowers.

“These would make the Bluebird’s tree really pretty,” says Sparkle.

So the two friends decorate the Bluebird’s small evergreen tree.

Suddenly a loud deep voice says, “That’s the prettiest little tree in the woods.”

Brion and Sparkle jump back and look up. There above them they see Mr. Owl looking down from an old tree branch.

“How long have you been sitting there?” asks Sparkle.

“Long enough to see how much you all care for each other.” says Mr. Owl.

“Those sweet Blueberries have made me thirsty,” says Brion, smacking his lips.

“Let’s all go over to the creek and get a cool drink of water,” chirps the Bluebird.

So all the friends go over to the creek and have a refreshing cool drink of water.

“AAHHH, water always satisfies my thirst,” says Brion.

“Our bodies are made of mostly water,” says Mr. Owl, “you should drink plenty of water each day.”

“What’s Miss Turtle doing over there?” asks Brion.

Across the creek, just down from the waterfall, Miss Turtle is seen splashing around in the water.

“Let’s go and see!” suggests Brion.

So the friends go over to Miss Turtle.

“Hello Miss Turtle!” says Brion, “This is my friend Sparkle.”

“A pleasure to meet you, Madam!” says Sparkle.

“OOHH, you are so polite Sparkle!” says Miss Turtle, “Very nice to meet you.”

“What are you doing?” asks Brion.

“I’m practicing my butterfly stroke,” explains Miss Turtle.

“I don’t see your butterfly wings!” laughs Brion.

“You need to get back to practice!” says old Otter, looking down from the muddy bank of the creek side.

“Oh, Hi!” laughs Brion, “What are you doing Otter?”

“Why! I have the most important job in the woods!” exclaims old Otter.

“When did playing all day and sliding down the muddy creek bank become important?” jokes Brion.

“NO, NO!” says Otter in a scruffy voice, “I’m the life guard for this swimming hole!”

“Wow!” says Sparkle, “That is a really important job!”

“You should never swim without a life guard,” says Mr. Owl.

“Watch out below!” yells Brion, as he jumps into the water.

Sparkle jumps in the water and swims around behind Miss Turtle and Brion.

“You are a good swimmer Sparkle,” says old Otter.

“Thank you Sir!” says Sparkle.

The friends begin splashing so much; Mr. Owl must fly up to a higher limb to keep from getting wet.

“Miss Turtle would you teach me how to do a butterfly stroke?” asks Brion.

“Well, I don’t see your butterfly wings!” jokes Miss Turtle. “Of course, I will.”

Brion works very hard, but he just keeps getting out of breath.

“I’m going to quit!” sobs Brion, “I can’t do it!”

Miss Turtle smiles and says, “It takes lots of practice to get it right, and that’s why I’m down here today. I still have to practice to keep my rhythm.”

Mr. Owl flies down to a lower limb and says, “You can’t be an expert in a few minutes; it takes years of training to be really good at doing something like swimming.”

Old Otter pipes up and says, “Yeah, well when I was just a small lad, I was an expert at sliding down this muddy creek bank and having fun.”

Mr. Owl lets out a BIG HOOT and says, “OK, well some things come naturally.”

A loud growling sound breaks the brief silence.

“What was that?” asks Brion.

“That was me,” whispers Sparkle shyly.

“Are you OK?” asks the Bluebird.

“I’m sorry! I’m just really hungry!” explains Sparkle.

“It is getting late,” says old Otter, “I need to clear out this water hole for safety reasons.”

Mr. Owl lets out a big HOOT and says, “You must be getting hungry Otter, because nothing else stops you from playing.”

“Thanks for the swimming lessons,” says Brion.

“You are very welcome Brion! Come back again and I will help you practice,” says Miss Turtle.

Miss Turtle and Otter leave. Suddenly Brion and Sparkle turn to one another and shout, “Oh! No! We forgot to look for the cave!”

“What cave are you looking for?” asks Mr. Owl.

“Mr. Turtle told me that Deon defeated the marauders in a cave outside of the old town meadow,” says Sparkle.

“We saw a cloud of bats just before sunset rising from somewhere in the meadow.” says Brion.

“I know what you’re talking about,” replies Mr. Owl, “but that cave is too small to be the one that Deon fought in.”

“Have you ever been in it?” asks Sparkle, “Can you show us where it’s at?”

“Of course!” replies Mr. Owl, “I will show you where it is, and no I have not been in there! It’s haunted!”

“HAUNTED?” yell the friends.

“I don’t believe in ghosts,” laughs Brion. “Let’s go! I want to see the cave.”

“I’m sorry guys,” says the Bluebird, “I’m scared of ghosts, I think I will stay at my new nest. Thanks for helping me! Bye!”

Mr. Owl leads the two friends along the creek and out to the edge of the meadow. Over near a large rock under a fallen tree is a dark hole, just a little larger than Sparkle.

“This is where the bats emerge at dusk,” explains Mr. Owl.

Sparkle leans down and looks into the hole, “Mr. Owl is right, this cave is too small for Deon.” She takes a deep sniff, “I can smell something that is very strange.”

Brion stretches his paw out over the opening, “I can feel cold air. This must be the cave, but the opening is too small for me to fit. Look at all these rocks they are all very loose. Some of these rocks look like bricks.”

The two friends begin to dig the rocks out from around the opening. The rocks all begin to move and suddenly shift in toward the cave. Brion grabs Sparkle and pulls her back as the ground begins to collapse into the cave. They both jump back as the rumble of rolling stones quiets down and a large cloud of dust shoots out over their heads. The opening becomes much larger.

“WHO! WHO! KNEW!” hoots Mr. Owl, “This is amazing! It looks like this may be the Deon cave! It was bricked up to seal it!”

Sparkle gets up off of the ground and walks over to look into the cave. Suddenly the flash of a dark body startles her, and she turns and runs yelling, “GHOST!”

Brion begins laughing so hard he falls back on the ground, “No, that’s not a ghost, that’s a bat! Silly! Mr. Owl can you look into the cave for us?” asks Brion.

“Well I’m not sure, maybe I should be going,” says Mr. Owl.

“Owls have great night vision,” says Brion, “you should be able to see really well in there. Are you really that scared of ghosts?

“It’s not the ghosts,” explains Mr. Owl, “I can see in the dark because there is still some light. In the cave there is no light. I will be blind.”

“So how do the bats see in there if there isn’t any light?” asks Brion.

“Bats use sound for echo location,” explains Mr. Owl.

“What?” puzzles Sparkle.

“The bat’s screech bounces off of the walls and the time it takes for the echo to bounce back to the bat is how the bat knows where the walls are in the cave,” explains Mr. Owl.

Suddenly a loud growling sound breaks the silence.

‘GGGRRRR!’ Brion jumps back.

“Was that a ghost?” whimpers Brion.

Sparkle begins laughing so hard she falls on the ground, “No, that’s not a ghost, that’s my stomach! Silly! I’m still hungry!

Mr. Owl flies down to the cave opening.

“The cave is too dangerous for you two!” says Mr. Owl, “We need to alert the town’s sheriff. Besides at night, I have seen strange things out here.”

“Mr. Owl is right!” sighs Sparkle, “My Mom told me not to go into the cave. Besides, I’m really hungry, I need to go home and eat dinner.”

The two friends say good-bye to Mr. Owl and start back towards home.

“I had a great day Sparkle!” says Brion, “Let’s each go home and tell our parents what we have found. Maybe they will help us explore the cave.”

“See you soon Brion!” says Sparkle as she waves good-bye to Brion.

And so the adventures take a new turn...

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