Is your child struggling with math?

Child struggling with math?

Does your child need help with math?

The Hound family has just recently moved into the town of Patell. The family is new to the area, and they are still doing some unpacking. Their Dad is doing some remodeling on the house. The children are getting board and tired of unpacking.


Sparkle is sitting in her new room and thinks to herself, “It is such a nice day outside, I should go outside and find Sparky and Spots.”


Sparkle takes her pet canary, May out of her cage. Then she goes outside to see what her older brother Sparky and her younger sister Spots are doing.


Sparkle sees her siblings outside and yells, “Hi!”


“Hello,” said Sparky, “would you like to join our game of horse shoes?”


Sparkle answers, “Of course!”


“Well,” says Sparky, “first we have to deal with a small matter.”


“Yeah uh, Sparky threw a shoe a little too high, and it kinda got stuck on the roof.” said Spots, “Can you, uh help us, please?”


“Let’s see,” said Sparkle, “let me think.”


“Wait!” howls Sparky, “I have an idea! Why don't you have May fly up and get it for us?”

Spots squeals with delight, as she jumps up and down and says, “That is a so good idea!”


“May, get that horseshoe,” Sparkle said, pointing to the horseshoe on the roof.


Then May flew off of Sparkle’s finger and on to the roof.


“YES! YES! Urged Sparkle, “Right there!”


May tries to pick up the horseshoe and fly, but the horseshoe is too big for May.


“OH NO!” cries Sparky, “May is too small to fly with the horseshoe.”


Then May drags the horseshoe to the edge of the roof.


“She is dropping it down for us!” said Sparkle as she catches the falling horseshoe.


Sparky exclaims, “Good job! May!”


“Yay!” howls Spots, “now we can play again!”


“KIDS!” yelled their Mom, “TIME TO EAT!”


“Awwww maaaan!” cries Sparky, “We were just about to get to our game, and I was probably going to win too.”


“No!” argued Spots, “I was gonna win.”


“Well there will always be next time,” said Sparkle, in a calm voice, “Come on May, let's go inside!”

So Sparky, Sparkle and Spots all go into the house to eat.


Sparky asks, “What are we having?”


“Hawaiian chicken and rice.” answered Mom.


“Oh yes!” said Sparky, “I love Hawaiian chicken and rice!”


“ME TOO!” said Spots.


“I like it almost as much as chili!” said Sparkle.


“Sparkle, go put May in her cage and clean up for lunch!” said Mom.

The children all sit down and enjoy a fine lunch with their Mom and Dad.


“So what have you kids done today?” Dad asks, “Have you finished unpacking?”

“Well! No! We’re not done unpacking yet, but we did take a break and play outside,” said Spots, “and Sparky got a horseshoe stuck on the roof.”


“Spots!” yelled Sparky angrily.


“It's okay,” said Dad, “did you get it down?”


“Yes,” said Sparkle, “May helped us get it down.”


“Well that's good,” said Dad, “no harm done then.”


“What did you do today Dad?” asks Sparky.


“I did some work on the cellar to fix it up,” replied Dad.


“Oh!” said Sparky, “That's good.”


“Mommy,” asks Spots, “what did you do today?”


“I planted some new flowers in the front yard.” said Mom.


“Yay!” exclaims Spots, “Can we go and see them?”


“No, not yet.” replied Mom, “You have to give them time to grow before you will see them.”


“Uh,” sighed Spots, “how long will that be?”

“It will take a few days for them to sprout,” explained Mom, “then a few weeks until they bloom and look pretty.”


“Ooooh, I see.” said Spots, a little disappointed.


After lunch Sparkle, Sparky and Spots helped their Mom clean up the kitchen. Then Sparky asks, “Can we go back outside?”


“Sure for a little while,” replied Mom, “but you need to finish unpacking.”


As Sparkle started to go outside, she heard a loud noise. BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG!


“That must be Dad working on the cellar,” thought Sparkle.

She started to head back outside when suddenly she heard her Dad yell, “EVERYONE, COME HERE QUICK!”


Sparkle runs to the living room, where the cellar door is, and goes down into the cellar. She sees her Dad standing there with an excited look. “What is it?” Sparkle asks.


Just then Sparky, Spots and Mom all run in. “What's going on?” asks Sparky.


“Good!” exclaims Dad, “Everybody is here! You can all see what I have found in the cellar! I was breaking down an old wall, and started to see some old burnt wood behind the wall. Then I busted through the old burnt wood and there was something else behind it! Come see what I found.” They all go over to the old wall.

“WOW!” howls Sparkle, “I've never seen anything like that!”


Dad begins to explain, “I tried breaking through it! I have tried using every tool I have! But it's the hardest metal I've ever seen, and look at that weird symbol on it. I have never seen a wall like this. I can't move it or knock it down, it’s just solid.”


“Wow! That is interesting,” said Sparky knocking on the odd wall.


“So what are we going to do with this mess?” sighs Mom.


“There is only one thing to do; I’ll clean up the mess, and leave the metal wall right here. It does not hurt anything as far as I can see. Maybe I can paint it?” replied Dad.


“Well, maybe we’ll figure out something later,” replied Sparkle.


“Dad, can I go in town and look around and meet some of the people here?” asks Sparkle.


“Yes for a little while.” said Dad.


Then Sparkle goes outside and starts walking down the sidewalk towards the town square. “Oh this must be the town square. Look at that beautiful statue. And over there is a really nice fountain.”

She sees an old turtle sitting on a bench near the statue. She walks up to the turtle sitting down by the statue.


“Hello Sir!” said Sparkle.


“Hello!” said the turtle.


“I am Sparkle. What's your name?” She asks.


“I am Howard Turtle, nice to meet you Sparkle! You may call me Mr. Turtle,” he replied.


Sparkle sits down next to Mr. Turtle.

“That's a beautiful statue isn't it.” said Sparkle.


“Yes it is.” said Mr. Turtle.


“Who is that a statue of?” asks Sparkle.


“Well, that would be Greon Patell,” he replied, “the founder of our fine town. Do you know who Greon was?”


“No Sir, I don't, I am new in town.” said Sparkle.


“Well that's okay. Do you want me to tell you some history of our town?” he asks.


“Oh yes, that would be great! I really wanted to learn something about the town while I was out here!” howls Sparkle.



“Well many years ago, Greon Patell was a great explorer. He had been to many places around the world and discovered many things. When he arrived here, he liked the area so much that he decided to build a house and live here. He cleared the land and planted fields, and had more food than he needed. He prospered so much that others took notice and started moving in. The town grew; he later built a wall around the town and some watchtowers to help protect the town. Some legends say that Greon had the whole town, the walls and the towers built before anyone moved in, but I’m not sure one man can build an entire town all by himself. A few years later, there was a drought, all the creeks and streams dried up. Greon built a fountain so the town could have water. The fountain had plenty of water for everyone. In fact that is the fountain just over there, still flowing to this day. They carried the water in buckets and carts to water their crops. The legends say Greon built the fountain in one night, while the town’s people where sleeping. It says the town’s people went to sleep and the next morning when they came to the town meeting, Greon told them he had built a fountain, just outside town. The fountain’s water saved the town and their crops, so they had more food than any of the other towns nearby. So more people moved in and started building their houses closer to the fountain. Now Greon really did build the fountain, but whether he did it over night is not really known. Shortly after that, as more and more people moved in and built houses in the new part of town, Greon also built a new house outside of town. The location of Greon’s new house is not known. He then got married and had a son, named Deon. Then Greon started studying, a lot! They say he would stay down in his library and study for days, or weeks even. One day, Greon just disappeared. No one knows what happened to him, not even his wife or his son Deon,” explained Mr. Turtle.


“Wow! Greon did a lot of things,” says Sparkle, “What about Deon, what happened to him?”


“So you want to hear about Deon?” ask Mr. Turtle.


“Oh yes! I would love to hear more!” howls Sparkle.


Mr. Turtle takes a deep breath and begins, “Well, Deon was said to be only six when Greon disappeared. When Deon was older he helped the town's people build a memorial to his Father, and placed Greon’s sword atop the great statue. But one night, marauders came and attacked the town, they burned and looted half the town and even stole the sword from Greon’s statue. Deon and the town’s people were able to fight off the marauders and push them out of the town. Deon was able to defeat the marauders, but did not recover his father's sword. There is a legend that says that Deon and the town’s people forced the marauders into a cave out near the old part of town. Deon told the town’s people to stay outside. And that if he did not return in a half hour, to close up the cave and seal the marauders in so they could not harm the town anymore.

So the legend says Deon went into the cave alone, and after the people heard some fighting and some odd noises, Deon returned and said the marauders will not be a problem. Sadly, after all this, Deon began to go crazy. He started writing odd symbols in what appeared to be a journal. While the remainder of the town's people rebuilt and cleaned up the mess from the marauders. Deon started spending a lot of time in his cellar, just writing things down in his journal. And about a year later he became ill and died, a sad ending for the Patell family. Deon’s journals where recovered, but no one could read them. And for the town, they had lost their founder, his son Deon, and nearly half the houses and people. But the town recovered, slowly. The people started rebuilding and planting more crops, they did not do as well as they did when Greon was around, but they still did well. And so the town started growing again, and has grown to be what it is today. This is now the town square, where the statue and the fountain are located. The old town is now completely gone, the meadow is empty, and ‘surprisingly’ no one has found the cave where Deon fought the marauders.”


“How do you know all this Mr. Turtle?” asks Sparkle.


“The journals, and stories of the people living in the town with Greon and Deon. Some of the people kept journals and others passed down stories of what was happening to them and to the town of Patell. Some of the journals were recovered when the town was cleaning up the mess from the marauders, and some have been passed down through the generations. The journals and legends are the only way we ‘know’ the history of Patell.”


“Where are these journals now?” Sparkle asks.


“Well, some are in the town archive, others are still in the possession of their descendants,” said Mr. Turtle.


“Wow, that is really interesting!” Sparkle replies excitedly. “So, which way is this meadow?”


“Oh, it is that way, just past the woods.” answered Mr. Turtle.


“Thank you, Sir, I have really enjoyed listening to that amazing story.” said Sparkle.


“You’re welcome! Sparkle. It's not just stories, its history too,” said Mr. Turtle.


“Oh! Yes, that is what I meant. I enjoyed listening to the history of the town. Thank you for telling me. It was nice meeting you. This is very interesting, I think I am going to investigate this meadow and the cave you mentioned,” said Sparkle, “but first I have to ask my Mom. Well, see you later! Mr. Turtle!”

“Okay, bye! Nice meeting you!” Mr. Turtle says, “Let me know when you find that cave. Who knows what could be in there.” chuckles Mr. Turtle.


Sparkle runs back home and goes straight to the kitchen to find her Mom.


“Hey Mom! MOM! I just met Mr. Turtle! He told me about a mysterious cave out in the meadow that no one has ever found. Could I please go find the cave?” Please! Please!” howls Sparkle.


“A cave? Mr. Who? What? I don't know. That sounds dangerous,” says Mom. “Well Sparkle, it is getting late and you kids are going to bed soon.”


“Awww! Okay!” sobs Sparkle.


“Sparkle, where is this cave supposed to be?” asks Mom.


“Mr. Turtle said it is supposed to be on the edge of the old town meadow,” Sparkle says, “just though the woods.”


“Okay!” said Mom, “You can explore the old town meadow tomorrow, but if you find a cave you need to stay out of it and come talk to me first.”

“Thanks Mom.” said Sparkle.


“Now go clean up and get to bed!” says Mom.


And so the adventures begin…

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