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Child struggling with math?

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Chapter 7

The big Secret of Patell

“Sparkle, Breakfast is ready!” calls Sparkles mom.

Sparkle gets up; she looks outside and sees that it is a cool cloudy day. She turns around and smells that breakfast is on the table. She comes in and sees Sparky and Spots just now sitting down at the table. Her mom is serving breakfast.

“Good morning everyone!” says Sparkle, “Where's dad?”

“He's been down in the cellar with Benjamin all morning,” Replies Mom.

Sparkle, Sparky and Spots all eat their breakfast.

Just as they finish cleaning the kitchen, they hear a knock on the door.

“I'll get it!” says Sparkle. Sparkle runs over to the door and says, “Its Brion.”

Sparkle opens the door.

“Hi Brion!” says Sparkle.

“Hey Sparkle, Wally came over to my house and told me that his Dad and Bobby never came home last night, we think they’re missing!” exclaims Brion.

“Oh dear! That's horrible!” exclaims Sparkle.

“Wally is really upset, I wish I could help him. The cave is blocked off, Wally is at the cave right now.” says Brion, “So what’s been going on here?”

“Benjamin and my Dad are in the cellar looking at the wall,” says Sparkle.

“Really! Can I see the cellar!” asks Brion.

“I’ll go in and ask my Mom,” says Sparkle.

Sparkle runs into the kitchen and asks, “Mom, could Brion come in? He wants to see the symbol in the cellar.”

“Of course he can!” replies Mom

Sparkle runs back to Brion, “Come on in!” says Sparkle

Sparkle brings Brion into the kitchen, “This is my Mom Helen and my sister Spots and my brother Sparky. Sparky went in the cave with us!”

“Hello Brion.” says Sparky.

“I came here to tell Sparkle that Ted and Bobby are missing!” says Brion.

“That's TERRIBLE!” says Sparky.

“I'll show Brion the cellar,” says Sparkle.

Brion and Sparkle open the cellar door and hear Benjamin and Howard talking excitedly.

“Show me that again! It’s unbelievable!” says Howard.

“Are you sure you want to see it?” asks Benjamin.

“Yes just once more!” Replies Howard.

“Now watch.” says Benjamin, “When you press on the symbol it starts to glow, and when you rotate it, it does this.”

Brion and Sparkle go down into the caller, and look at the wall. They see a bright glowing hole where the symbol was, and it has a slot in the middle.

“Look the slot in the middle, it’s like something fits in it,” says Howard.

Just then the glow stops, and the symbol reappears.

“Hey, the paint you put on is gone,” says Sparkle.

“Yes,” says Benjamin, “the first time I activated the wall it burned off the paint on the symbol.”

“So what does this mean? Is this symbol dangerous?” asks Howard.

“The last people lived here for years and they didn’t have problems.” says Benjamin, “Just don’t do anything with it until I figure out what this means.”

“I guess I’ll just lock the cellar door and never come down here until we know what this is.” says Howard.

“Where did this come from?” asks Brion.

“We have no idea!” explains Benjamin, “But I have never seen anything like it!”

“What makes it glow like that?” asks Sparkle.

“It must be wired into the power in the house somewhere.” Explains Howard. “Hey, let me turn off the power in the house, the main breaker shuts down the whole house!”

Howard walks over to the breaker panel and trips the main breaker. All the lights go off.

Sparkle’s Mom yells from upstairs, “What are you doing down there? All the power just went off!”

“Just a minute dear!” yells Howard. “Okay Ben, try it now!”

Benjamin pushes in on the Greon symbol and it starts to glow a deep blue color, then he rotates the symbol. The Greon symbol separates and sinks into the door. A slot appears beneath the symbol and has a faint orange glow down inside.

“I never noticed the orange glow with the lights on,” mumbles Benjamin.

Sparkle runs over to the wall and puts her paw on it.

“The wall is vibrating!” says Sparkle.

“This is impossible!” says Howard, “Were is the power coming from?”

The Greon symbol reappears, and the wall stops glowing. Just then Howard flips the main breaker back on. Everyone stands there looking at each other.

“Until we figure this out,” says Benjamin, “let’s keep this mystery between the four of us!”

“I plan to keep the cellar locked up!” says Howard.

“So how did it go with Norbert?” asks Benjamin.

“Not so good,” says Brion, “Norbert was not willing to help.”

“You two should go tell the Mayor,” suggests Benjamin.

“Dad, is it okay if I go with Brion to talk to the Mayor?” asks Sparkle.

“Yes you can, just come home before dark.” Replies Howard.

“The Mayor is probably out in the Greon fort.” Says Benjamin.

“I would like to visit Greon’s house in the meadow,” says Brion.

Brion and Sparkle head out to go talk to the Mayor about Norbert. Soon the two friends arrive at the fort.

“Hello Brion, Sparkle, what are you two doing on this cloudy morning?” asks Mayor Ed Ger Beaver.

“We want to talk to you about Norbert Skunk.” says Brion, “We visited Norbert yesterday, and asked him to help us decipher some Deon notes.”

“Norbert got upset!” says Sparkle.

“Norbert said that Deon went crazy and the notes are nonsense.” Added Brion, “He doesn’t feel like helping us because he thinks the town forgot about him out there.”

“I know what to do! I’ll talk to Norbert and make this right,” says the Mayor.

“Did Benjamin show you the blueprint of the Greon statue?” asks Brion.

“YES! Yes he did!” exclaims the Mayor, “I’m very excited about those blueprints!”

“What did you find?” Asks Sparkle.

“There is a vault under the statue!” whispers the Mayor, looking around. “We need to keep this quiet. Can you two come over to the Town hall this afternoon? I need some help inspecting the statue.”

“It would be an honor Sir!” replies Sparkle.

“Fantastic!” exclaims the Mayor, “We are going to make history!”

“I would like to look around in Greon’s house,” says Brion.

“Go right ahead!” says the Mayor, “I have to finish up on these gates, or I would join you.”

“Well, we’ll see you this afternoon!” says Sparkle.

So Brion and Sparkle walk over to Greon’s house.

“Wow this is nice!” says Sparkle looking around the outside of the house.

“They did a great job! Let’s go inside the new Greon house!” says Brion. “The fireplace is the only original part of the house!”

Brion and Sparkle head inside Greon’s house.

“Wow! This is nice!” exclaims Sparkle.

Brion starts looking around and notices the seal of Greon above the fireplace.

“Look! It’s the Seal of Greon above the lintel of the fire place!” exclaims Brion.

“Lift me up!” Says Sparkle, “I’ll push it and see if it glows like the one in my cellar!”

“That is silly Sparkle!” laughs Brion.

Sparkle gives Brion a stern look of disapproval.

“Really!” huffs Sparkle, “Do you have any better ideas?”

“Actually!” sighs Brion, “That’s not a bad idea.”

Brion lifts Sparkle up. She pushes and twists on the Seal of Greon, but nothing happens.

“There’s a small hole in the center of the seal.” Says Sparkle.

“Let me see!” says Brion excitedly. “ It looks like there’s something shiny at the end of the hole.”

“So does it require a key?” asks Sparkle.

Brion looks around the house and finds a fireplace poker. He inserts it into the small hole and gives it a push. The Seal of Greon pops out of the fireplace. The two friends let out a loud gasp!

“OH! NO! You broke it!” squeals Sparkle.

Brion pulls out the Seal and looks into the hole.

“What is this?” Says Brion, as he pulls a large iron box from the secret compartment within the lintel.

Brion lays the heavy box on the floor and the two friends begin to inspect the box.

“What are you two doing?” says the Mayor in a stern voice.

The two friends stand up and look at each other.

“What have you done!” says the Mayor.

“Well,” says Sparkle nervously, “we noticed a hole in the Seal of…”

“What did you two find?” exclaims the Mayor excitedly. “Did that iron box come from the lintel? Lift me up Brion, so I can look into that hole in the lintel.”

Brion lifts the Mayor up to the hole. The Mayor shines his flashlight around in the hole.

“Okay, you can put me down,” says the Mayor, “Let me see the Seal of Greon! This is made to conceal the compartment. Brion, put the Seal back into its place.”

Brion takes the Seal from the Mayor, and pushes it back into place. It makes a snapping sound.

“Well, that fits back in nicely!” says a relieved Brion.

“Of course it does!” shouts the Mayor, “It’s the cover for a secret compartment! Now lets take a look at this latest treasure you two heroes have found!”

The three look over the iron box. The box appears to be locked or jammed.

“I wonder how long this has been here?” asks Sparkle.

“Well this is Greon’s house,” says Brion, “it must have belonged to him!”

“I don’t think it belonged to Greon.” says the Mayor, as he stands up and scratches his head. “We need to get this over to Benjamin at the archive. I want to hear what he thinks of this. Good thing you’re big and strong Brion!”

“I may be big,” replies Brion, “but the box is still heavy!”

Brion picks up the iron box and the three head towards the town’s archive. As they get close to town hall, Brion is getting tired and wants to stop and take a break.

“I’m just as excited as the two of you,” pants Brion, “but I need to take a break! This box is heavy!”

“I need to get something from my office,” says the Mayor, “I will meet you two down in the archive in a few minutes.”

“Come on Brion!” squeals Sparkle, “I can’t wait to show Benjamin what we found!”

“My arms say Benjamin will have to wait!” pants Brion, “If you can’t wait, go ahead and tell Benjamin what we found. I will be there in a few minutes.”

Sparkle jumps up and down excitedly, then turns and runs down the stairs to the archive.

“BENJAMIN!” yells Sparkle, “You will never believe what we found!”

Benjamin runs over to Sparkle.

“You wont believe what I just found!” says Benjamin.

“Well, you won’t believe what we just found!” squeals Sparkle.

“Oh! I guarantee that my news is better!” demands Benjamin.

“Okay!” says Sparkle, a little disappointed, “What is it that you have found?”

“Your house is built on the site of the original Greon house!” declares Benjamin.

“Whose house?” asks the Mayor, as he walks into the archive with Brion.

Benjamin looks up at the Mayor, “Sparkle’s house!”

“What about Sparkle’s house?” Asks Brion.

“Sparkle’s house,” says Benjamin, “was built on the site of the original Greon house!”

“I thought the original Greon house was out in the meadow?” says Brion.

“No!” replies Benjamin, “There were THREE Greon houses here in Patell. The original, according to the old records, was built were Sparkle’s house is currently. The second house was built in the meadow. The third house was built on the original site, were Sparkle’s house is currently.”

“I don’t understand!” says Sparkle.

“When Greon came to this site there was no one else here.” Explains Benjamin, “Greon built his first home at the site were Sparkle’s house is built. Then Greon built the town of Patell, and his second house out in the meadow. The records are not clear, but I think his first house was removed and a new home was rebuilt on the original site!”

“Greon’s house was destroyed by fire when the marauders attacked!” Says Brion.

“That’s right.” Says Benjamin.

“That explains the burnt wood that my Dad found when he was working in my cellar, right before he found the metal wall!” says Sparkle.

“Metal wall?” Asks the Mayor. “Your Dad found a metal wall in your cellar?”

“Yeah!” Says Sparkle; “It has the Seal of Greon on it! OOPPS! I wasn’t supposed to talk about the wall was I! I’m terrible at keeping secrets! Sorry guys!”

“You knew about this Benjamin?” snaps the Mayor, “Just what are you keeping from me?”

Benjamin turns around slowly then explains, “You will need to come out and see it for yourself. It defies all explanation!”

“That’s preposterous!” snaps the Mayor, “I demand to see this ‘WALL’ immediately!”

“What about the box?” pants Brion, “I just carried this heavy thing all the way to town for NOTHING?”

“What box?” asks Benjamin, “Where did you find it?”

“It’s a secret!” shouts the Mayor. “See how it feels to be left out!”

“Brion and I found it in the Greon house, out in the meadow.” Says Sparkle.

“Where?” Asks Benjamin.

“In a secret compartment above the lintel.” Explains Brion.

“Blabber mouths!” pouts the Mayor.

Benjamin inspects the iron box. He uses a magnifying glass to inspect the box carefully.

“Look here!” says Benjamin, pointing with his index finger. “ It’s the original seal of Greon!”

“I don’t see the Seal of Greon.” Says Brion.

“No!” smiles Benjamin, “I said the ORIGINAL seal of Greon!”

“That looks like a four sided star.” Says Sparkle.

“Exactly!” replies Benjamin.

“Let me see!” snaps the Mayor. “I thought that was the Seal of Deon?”

“Yes! Yes!” laughs Benjamin, “They are one and the same!”

“So, the metal wall in my cellar doesn’t have the original Seal of Greon on it?” Asks Sparkle.

“That’s actually a very good point!” ponders Benjamin. “If the wall was built during the first house it should have had Greon’s original Seal, the compass star on it! Greon was an explorer. But Greon’s second house has the Seal we all know!”

Benjamin pushes around on the Seal and discovers that it hinges out of the way, revealing a keyhole.

“Oh! Great! Another mystery!” Groans Brion. “Now we need to find a key!”

“Sparkle,” says the Mayor, “I would like to see this wall in your cellar. Can you talk to your parents for me?”

“Of course!” Replies Sparkle.

“What about inspecting the statue?” asks Brion.

“I have reviewed the blueprints that Benjamin gave me,” explains the Mayor, “There is a vault under the statue of Greon. Look at these blueprints.”

The Mayor lays the blueprints out on a table. He points out the details of the vault.

“Here on the side of the statue,” says the Mayor, “shows some sort of access. Unfortunately the drawings with the details of this are too burnt to read clearly.”

“Look at the Seal!” Says Sparkle, pointing to the Seal of Deon at the top of the blueprints.

“That’s interesting!” Says Benjamin, “I hadn’t noticed that before.”

“Let’s go out and look at the statue!” exclaims Brion.

So the group goes outside to the courtyard and to the Statue of Greon.

“Brion!” says Sparkle, “Lift me up so I can see better!”

“My arms don’t have much left!” laughs Brion, as he lifts Sparkle up onto his shoulders.

“Look around the Seal of Greon,” says Benjamin, “Here, take my magnifying glass!”

Sparkle searches carefully, scanning each area with care. Suddenly, Sparkle finds something.

“I found something!” exclaims Sparkle, “ It looks like another keyhole!”

“Let me see!” squeals the Mayor, as he comes over to Brion.

Brion lifts the Mayor up, and he inspects the Seal and the keyhole.

“ It looks just like the keyhole from the iron box!” declares the Mayor.

“Just how would you know that?” Questions Benjamin.

“Let’s go back inside and I will show you all of it.” Says the Mayor.

Back inside the archive, the Mayor pulls out another drawing.

“This looks like the iron box that we found.” Says Sparkle.

“Exactly,” says the Mayor, “I believe the iron box you two found was designed by Deon for the vault.”

“So what is inside of the box?” Asks Brion.

“Something very important to Deon!” says Benjamin.

“It’s time for me to go and see this wall!” says the Mayor.

Sparkle smiles and says, “Okay! Lets go to my house and ask my Dad about it!”

The group journeys to Sparkle’s house to see the wall. When they arrive they see Howard out in the front yard.

“I know what you have come here for,” Says Howard, “here are the keys Sparkle.”

Sparkle leads the group into the house and down into the cellar. When they arrive, Benjamin demonstrates the wall’s function to the Mayor. The Mayor watches the wall carefully. Then the Mayor activates the wall himself.

“In all my travels, around the world, I have never seen anything like this before.” Says the Mayor, “I don’t know who could have created such a thing! You were right to keep this quiet.”

The adventures turn to the unknown and beyond.

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