Is your child struggling with math?

Child struggling with math?

Does your child need help with math?

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Information on Subtraction

Subtraction Application

Subtraction is usually the next subject learned after addition. It is the exact reverse of addition. Basic subtraction must be done before a child can learn things like barrowing, that are done in advanced subtraction. Repetition is probably the best way to memorize the first few basic problems from 1 to 10. With this in mind, Subtraction runs through randomized problems from 1 to 10 on the minuend and subtrahend.

Subtraction Application



Practicing with Subtraction

Subtraction shows the kid random problems and the kid is asked to enter the answer for the current problem in the box below the problem then click the 'Check' button:

Subtraction Application


Then the check will light up green for correct or show a red circle with the correct answer for wrong:

Subtraction Application


Kids can use various help methods (configured in settings) while they do practice (help is not available on tests) to help reinforce their understanding of subtraction and help them if they get stuck:

Subtraction Application


Kids can check their progress real-time for their current session, with the stats panel, it is shown below:


Administrator options (activated version only)


You, as the administrator can set up settings for each user to tell how long and how many problems they will do, what days they will take tests and quizzes and what type of help they will have when practicing. When they log in, kids are shown what they are supposed to do based on the settings they have for each day. Then they are notified when they have completed their set amount of work for the day. Also if they try to exit they are notified that they have not completed their work. The administrator can also check the progress of each user to see their improvement over time, as well as their consistency with the program.


Subtraction help


Subtraction has three help modes, the abacus, a numberline and fingers. Each is explained below:




The abacus, a very old method of counting which uses beads on wires or in grooves to add, subtract, multiply or divide. It is very simple to use an abacus for subtraction, slide over (to the left) the number of beads of the first number (minuend) and then slide back to the right the number of beads of the second number (subtrahend), then the number of beads on the left is the answer. The kids can use the abacus help like a real abacus; by clicking on the beads they can slide them back and forth. This interaction can help kids to understand the concept of subtraction. The abacus is shown below counting out 5 - 2:

Subtraction Application
Subtraction Application



The Numberline


The numberline is a simple counting aid, which shows a dot moving from one number to the next, and counting out the problem. The numberline is basically a numeric ladder; each 'rung' is a number higher or lower than the last. It is oriented horizontally in subtraction, and the numbers increase as they go to the right. So, to use the numberline for subtraction you start at the first number (the minuend) and jump to the left the number of times of the second number (subtrahend), the number you land on is the answer. The numberline is shown counting out 7 - 2:

Subtraction Application



The Fingers


The fingers counting aid is simple, a hand which shows kids how to count out a problem with their fingers. The fingers help method shows kids how to count out a problem on their fingers. Counting out the problem is good for kids to do to learn what subtraction is and to memorize the basic subtraction problems. To use fingers to do subtraction you put up the first number on the fingers and then count out the second number, taking away a finger each time, the number of fingers left up is the answer. The fingers are shown counting out 6 - 1:

Subtraction Application
Subtraction Application



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